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Interactive TV Platform

Consolidating IPTV, OTT and DVB
to deliver a true TV anywhere

YesNet server is the central point of the interactive TV system, managing or interacting with several other building blocks of the ecosystem. In addition, it provides a web or programmable interface to operators and backoffice (e.g. CRM, billing) systems.

Subscriber Management

Subscriber Management

The interactive TV system is acquainted with the subscribers, profiles, packages, and settings. YesNet server stores this information in its own database. Subscribers are provisioned either through a web interface or programmatically through the API.

Device Management

All the devices, regardless of their provisioning methods, are stored and linked to users on the YesNet platform. The operator can provision or de-provision devices and link them to the subscribers.

Content Management

Content Management

The YesNet platform aggregates content from various sources – live or on-demand. Provisioning can be done manually through a web-based interface or programmatically.

T-Commerce Management

The YesNet server incorporates a business logic module. Operators can monetize the content in various ways – from prepaid to postpaid, from AVOD, SVOD to TVOD. Several ways of sales models can be applied to maximize the revenue from content.

T-Commerce Management
Analytics Data Provider

User Statistics

Having an insight into user’s behaviour and content consumption is essential for any operator to optimize the offering and successfully apply the content recommendation. YesNet empowers operators with latest user statistics and provides powerful user analytics, all that through tailored YesNet Dashboards.

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